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Australia Price Correction | Botanique at Bartley

According to predictions made by Black Brick, an independent property buying agency, Australia could see a price correction taking place. Black Brick have been advising their clients to look towards new markets for their property investments.

The country released its annual Financial Stability Review late last week where the review was dominated by concerns around the housing market. The report showed that a raised level of investor borrowing and activity could intensify the cycle of housing prices and raise the risk of price drops that would be significant later on Botanique at Bartley.

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Projections by Fitch, a ratings agency, has pointed out that house prices in Australia are expected to see a rise by just 4% for 2015, a figure that is 7% down from 2014. This will make other international markets appear more tempting to those investors looking for the best level of returns.

Due to these concerns for Australia’s long term housing market, Black Brick has been encouraging wealthy international and Australian investors looking for long term returns that are more secure to consider other markets.

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Black Brick’s Managing Partner, Camilla Dell, has stated that the probability is increasing for Australia’s property market to see a price correction take place. A report from the Reserve Bank last week also warned investors to not take for granted these high property prices and flourishing rental yields for Botanique Bartley UOL.

Black Brick has been recommending its clients, many of which are from Asia, to seek for more secure and sustainable capital growth elsewhere for Botanique Bartley.

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With the increasingly uncertain looking global macro-economical view, it has become more important than ever for property investors to be advised properly regarding whether they should be looking to purchase property for owner-occupation or as an investment in Botanique at Bartley.

Black Brick was founded in 2007 as an independent agency for purchasing property. They are based in Mayfair, London with around 60% of their buyers being international. Fastest growing of its client base are Asian investors. 68% of Black Brick’s Asian clientel are based in Malaysia, 25% from Singapore and 6% from Hong Kong. In summary, 50% of Black Brick’s clients are home buyers and 50% are investors.

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