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CHIJ Primary School

Located in the northern part of the Singapore, in the northern district of Chingay city, is the CHIJ primary school. Named after the late Mr. Lim Siow Jin who was its previous principal, it has received several awards and recognition for its commitment to quality education. It also boasts the best-performing primary schools in the region. One of the best features of this school is its value system which makes it an ideal choice for any child looking to get a quality education in one of the best primary schools in Singapore.

As you would expect from a school in such close proximity to the airport, the school prides itself on providing quality education within affordable means. Its history belies its claim to being a premium school. The school was established by Lim Siow Jin, who was a missionary in Singapore before he settled overseas. His mission was to establish a school that provided basic education at an affordable rate. He did not intend the school to become a premium education centre but rather a place where families from low income families could send their children to get an education.

The school follows a credo of listening to the needs and requirements of parents and taking them seriously. This, in turn, translates into providing a quality education. In spite of the fact that the school has one of the best-performing primary schools in the region, the quality of teachers is outstanding. All the teachers are committed to providing a quality education to their students. All the teachers at CHIJ primary school are qualified and experienced, so there is nothing lacking in teaching.

The school also takes time to acknowledge the needs and concerns of parents as well as students. This builds strong teacher-parent relationship that will be beneficial to the school in the long run. The school also emphasizes parent involvement. Parents are engaged with all the activities and they even have the opportunity to be part of some of the activities. These activities help strengthen the bonds between the student and the teacher as well as the parent and the student. Even the students are encouraged to get involved with such activities.

The curriculum of CHIJ primary school is taught in a very holistic way. Teachers are encouraged to approach their lessons from a personal and social perspective and not just based on book knowledge. The curriculum encourages students to learn by asking questions. It also promotes critical thinking and creativity. The school also makes sure that all the students enjoy their primary and secondary education.

In this article, we look at some of the challenges faced by CHIJ as compared to other schools. The first challenge is financial. Since the school is one of the few in the vicinity, it requires a considerable amount of funds. However, the school tries to make it work financially by offering merit based scholarships to deserving students.

The second challenge faced by the school is a lack of social interaction. In most primary schools, the students are too far apart to form a small clique. However, in this school, the cliques are so big that students find it hard to build friendships. They also spend a lot of time alone, which may cause anxiety to some. The school has limited recreational activities like movies or band activities that its students and parents can enjoy. This also makes it difficult for parents to monitor the social behaviour of their children.

The third challenge is the condition of the classrooms. In some cases, the building of the classrooms causes structural damage to the walls and the ceiling. The lack of space can also leave little room for the child to play. Other instances include walls being stained due to graffiti and the presence of small pests like cockroaches. The parents also complain about the absence of adequate music and games that keep the children engaged and happy.

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