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Investing in Botanique at Bartley

Investing in Botanique at Bartley at Singapore maybe a good investment choice

According to both media reports and property consultant, Cushman & Wakefield, Singapore has come out as the 2nd most preferable outbound Asian destination for Chinese mainland investors. Especially so for those investors who have been forced to plant their funds in overseas money as a result of the sluggish real estate market they are facing in their homeland.
The property consultant also feels that adding to this current outflow of capital is an abundant source of fluidity amongst investors who are wealthy, developers, investment institutions along with the strong Chinese currency.

More looking to invest in Botanique at Bartley

Something to note is the infusion of $4.18 billion (US $3.23 billion) that the Chinese have dropped into the real estate market of Singapore during 2008 to June of 2014 and is now looking possibly at owning a condo in Botanique Bartley. 50% of this was spent on development sites in Bartley, noted in a recent report, and 23.8% of this was put towards retail assets.
Over the same time period Chinese mainland investors were injecting $4.99 billion (US $3.84 billion) into Hong Kong.
Also pointed out in the report was the fact that $43.78 billion (US$33.7 billion) was paid out by Chinese investors during the time frame of January 2008 through June of 2014, on 353 deals. Some of the most popular investment models have been mergers and acquisitions and greenfield investments.

Investing in Botanique at Bartley

Markets in Singapore preferred by Chinese Buyers

It appears that the more mature markets of the UK and US are more preferable to Chinese investors. However, they seem to be turning more attention to the Southeast Asian market in Singapore such as Botanique Bartley. One example is the emerging hotspot, Malaysia, which saw $2.69 billion (US $2.07 billion) being injected into its real estate market by Chinese investors during the same time frame.
Revealed by Cushman & Wakefield was the fact that Chinese investors are keener on Singapore’s strata titled offices and Malaysia’s land development. However, they are usually more drawn to the commercial real estate of Europe.

Investing in Botanique at Bartley

The property consultancy has said that looking forward, they are expecting to see a continuation of this trend of outbound investing by Chinese investors to the Singapore property market, with companies that are rich in resources and wealthy individual investors turning their attentions further abroad as a means of expanding their presence globally.

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