Botanique at Bartley – Upper Paya Lebar Condo in Bartley Road

Botanique at Bartley – Upper Paya Lebar Condo in Bartley Road. Register for Showflat and Preview Here

Property Prices in Botanique Bartley

Property Prices in Bartley and Botanique at Bartley Condo

A deficiency of sales inside the high-end estate portion may very soon end as many different ultra-rich customers are now starting to scour the market place for mass purchases of underpriced high-end household units with probability of long-term price appreciation. Botanique Bartley represents an opportunity for buyers to get into the market as the project is near the city and it is priced very reasonably.

Property Prices of Botanique Bartley

Although price levels of Botanique Bartley in Singapore carry on to cool, a reduced speed is seen as any bargaining in the market is quickly snapped up by potential buyers. Also a great number of sellers are not in any immediate need to dispose their very own homes as countless already have gained from preceding property trades. Some may also be still sitting on profits for Botanique Bartley considering they made their particular ventures inside the earlier cycle. Therefore sellers of Botanique Bartley are not really open to selling their units below valuation levels which explain the reduced speed of falling condo prices.

Botanique at Bartley Prices

Bidadari Condo Prices near Botanique Bartley

Except for the short blip during the world-wide financial doom and gloom, which in turn doesn’t take very long to recover back to state, Botanique Bartley owners have are sitting in excess of attractive proceeds inside the previous property cycle,” she said. As property owners believe there is a little while well before mortgage rates increase, and due to their current financial equity gains, they are unlikely to lower their own price expectations.


Property developers of Botanique Bartley however will remain careful and uptight and certainly some developers may cut prices in an effort to sell units. New homes by developers are likewise launched selectively, to evaluate market reaction. ERA anticipates that launches of 2013 will offer less than 15,000 units, a sharp decline from the 15,885 units presented last year. Property market experts also thinks total transaction volumes this coming year is going to fall far less than the annual average noted previously in the past five years.

Botanique Bartley

Eugene Lim, Key Executive Officer at ERA expects the prices to lower another 5-6% by year end. For the long term, Christine Li, Research Head at OrangeTee, expects a small drop around 9% by this financial year for Botanique Bartley.

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