Botanique at Bartley – Upper Paya Lebar Condo in Bartley Road

Botanique at Bartley – Upper Paya Lebar Condo in Bartley Road. Register for Showflat and Preview Here

Botanique at Bartley Property Profits

Many looking at Botanique Bartley for Proits in Investing in Properties

Due to the slow property market in the city state, numerous buyers for Botanique at Bartley  who are on the affluent side are currently hunting all-around for luxurious properties currently under distress or are actually offered with volume discounts through the developers. This is because developers currently require need to pay for development charge if the units launched for sale are not sold after TOP. The development charges are significant and therefore developers will do whatever they can to sell their units. Real estate developers at this time are more open to discounts as they now have to pay for development expenses if units be left unsold after TOP.

Property Profits for Real Estate Investors

Because of their tenure of the piece of land, freehold condos are often more attractive to purchasers in the open-market as as compared to leasehold homes such as Botanique at Bartley even though they are more expensive compared to leasehold homes. Even so, the fairly higher asking selling prices of such freehold properties can potentially have triggered an increase inside the quantity being placed for auction as investors are not able to upkeep with the mortgage payments. Therefore, sometimes, leasehold properties are more popular if the investor has rental in mind when buying a property.

Botanique at Bartley Profits

More Looking to Invest in Botanique at Bartley

With the exception of the brief blip during the international financial diaster, which did not require much time to restore itself, real estate owners including future Botanique at Bartley owners have are sitting on huge attractive profits within the previous property cycle and therefore can take their time and not in a hurry to sell their property. These property owners could possibly time their very own exit in order to reduce or to avoid paying for Seller’s Stamp Duties (SSD) impose by the local regulators. All this contribute to the fall in the number of transactions for real estate transactions in Singapore. Therefore, it will take some time for the real estate market to pick up when Botanique at Bartley owners become more tempted to sell in an effort to shore up property transactions.

Botanique Bartley


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