Botanique at Bartley – Upper Paya Lebar Condo in Bartley Road

Botanique at Bartley – Upper Paya Lebar Condo in Bartley Road. Register for Showflat and Preview Here

Singapore Firms buy Overseas Properties

Singapore Firms buy Overseas Properties instead of Botanique Bartley

With the stagnant state of affairs in the Singapore property market, rich businessman from Singapore are becoming the largest buyer in Asia for properties all over the world and this is only occurred in nine short months 2014.

The amount of business that Singapore real estate developers for Botanique Bartley has tripled to over US$2.32 billion as compared to the three quarters of 2013 as reported by RCA (Real Capital Analytics, a New York-based research firm that specializes in researching commercial properties).

More buyers looking at Botanique at Bartley

Purchases for Botanique Bartley are occurring all over the world such as CDL’s $279 million purchase of a single piece of property in Tokyo this last September. Manhattan saw the first ever acquisition by Keppel Land indicating that more such acquisitions would be in the offing in the future. The acquisition on Manhattan’s Upper East Side purchase price fetched over $70 million dollars only a few short months ago in July.

Botanique Bartley UOL

Acquisitions in London and Sydney are prime locations for Ho Bee a luxury home developer such as Botanique at Bartley based in Singapore since the real estate market in Singapore has dried up they have had look to other venues to satisfy the demands of their customers. Ho Bee’s Executive Director Desmond Woon laments the poor state of affairs and tight government controls citing the need for continued offshore development projects.

Developers hungry for profit and flush with cash are turning to Western markets where they can expect quick returns as the nations are posting strong recoveries. This and the Singapore governments tightening and the cooling off of the real estate market in general in Singapore is forcing real estate developers such as Terence Tang the Managing Director of Colliers international to actively seek out opportunities in the West.

Sales of Bartley Condo Botanique Bartley

Singapore is now one of the most prolific Asian buyers of properties worldwide for Botanique Bartley as indicated by RCA’s numbers and figures tabulated for 2014 so far and is continuing to grow.

Singapore development companies have spent over $9.8 billion purchasing commercial real estate properties in other countries, surpassing even China’s record $8.4 billion and Hong Kong’s $7.3 billion that is making Singapore the Wolf in the Fold in the Asian real estate property acquisitions market.

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