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Waterway Features at Botanique at Bartley

Waterway Features at Botanique at Bartley by developer. Call to view

In the recent Excellence on the Waterfront Awards ceremony, the award for the category of Plan Honor went to the Punggol Master Plan.
Bestowed by Botanique Bartley Waterfront Center, which is based in the US, the Excellence on the Waterfront Awards was created to recognize and award development work and quality designing on waterfronts.

Punggol Waterfront near Botanique at Bartley

According to the organizations website for Botanique Bartley, those who acted as jury for the event felt that the Master Plan Punggol set an example on how to deal with a complicated set of criteria in a very creative way for emerging world nations.
Under the Master Plan, Punggol will focus on seven housing districts on the waterfront that will each be distinctive and very unique in their own character and identity.

Unique Features seen at Botanique at Bartley

Waterfront Center at Botanique Bartley has stated that the plans for Punggol are quite unique to Singapore due to its growth patterns and law systems. However, the plan gives a very thought provoking model of a development plan that is sustainable even in countries who have a high growth in population along waterfront communities. The group of jurors perceived Punggol’s master plan as a large step forwards and one which was sure to gain recognition in that part of the world. Many potential buyers who are quite rich are presently on the lookout all-around for high-class houses in distress or are actually offered with bulk discount rates via the real estate developers. Developers now are more prepared to take discounts as they actually have to pay for the development costs should there be units remain unsold after TOP.
The CEO of HDB, Cheong Koon Hean, feels that it is quite an honor for them to be recognized with this award on such a global stage. He added that HDB plans to carry on providing their knowledge in the area of sustainable urban planning to be used as a guideline for other HDB communities.

Waterways features at Botanique Bartley Condo

The Housing and Development Board said that the plans for Punggol’s Waterways in Botanique Bartley East and West is set to hit completion by 2015, adding that over the next 5 to 10 years will see the sustainable waterfront town of Punggol continuing to grow.
The Waterfront Center is a Washington DC based, non-profit educational organization who initiated the Excellence on the Waterfront Awards in 1987.

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